BMF Media Filter

Highlights of the BMF specifications include the following:

  • Carbon steel construction, 50 psi Non-ASME code construction standard
  • ASME code construction and pressures to 600 PSI optional
  • Flows from 318-1006 GPM (per vessel)
  • Multiple unit systems available
  • Available with or without system pump
  • Filters to 90% efficiency of 5 micron and larger particulate


  • System uses 4 mechanically linked butterfly valves for flow control
  • Pneumatically actuated with low pressure air requirement standard; Electric actuation optional
  • Skid mounting available
  • PVC Schedule 80 face piping standard; Metallic face piping optional

The BMF filtrations system is the most rugged high flow filtration system available in the marketplace today. The bi-media filter bed traps solid particulate in the filtration mode, thus increasing the differential pressure across the filter. When a pre-set differential is hit, the linked valves are reversed by the pneumatic actuator, and the filter backwashes and cleans the media. Once the backwash cycle is complete, the filtration returns automatically to the filtration mode.

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