Noren Heat Exchangers from
Pelmar Engineering

Transferring Wasted Heat Into Efficiency

Everyone is looking for ways to be more energy efficient, particularly in an industrial or commercial setting. Noren heat exchangers transfer heat between two or more fluids or gases, without the two materials coming into contact with each other. This conserves energy that might be otherwise be wasted. It can also increase efficiency of engines and machines. Let Pelmar Engineering Ltd. help you find the right product for your application. We are among the leading heat exchanger suppliers in Canada.

Heat Exchanger Applications

Heat exchangers are used in many industries and applications.

  • Food service – breweries and other food processing plants
  • Marine – marine oil coolers
  • Plants – hydraulic oil coolers
  • Power generation – manifold heat exchangers and air cooled heat exchangers
  • Dairy heat exchangers

Choosing the Right
Heat Exchanger

There are many different types of heat exchangers on the market that work to transfer heat from one substance to another. When choosing an industrial heat exchanger, keep these factors in mind:

  • The type of substances that are flowing through the exchanger and their characteristics
  • The required output and temperature differentials
  • Size limitations of where the exchanger will be installed
  • Flow rate of the fluids involved
  • Costs – both installation and maintenance

Heat Exchangers Utilize
Wasted Resources

Heat exchangers can be customized to fit most any application. Ask our engineers to help you understand how a heat exchanger can fit into your process to increase efficiency. Pelmar Engineering Ltd. works with only the best heat exchanger suppliers, like Noren, to help your business find better ways to operate. Contact us to get more information.