Vortex Enclosure Cooling Systems

Targeted Cooling for All Types of Environments

Keeping the air cool in your building isn’t just a comfort issue. It’s often a productivity and maintenance problem that affects your industrial equipment and commercial applications. Electrical components require cooler temperatures to ensure reliability and efficiency. Many technologies require certain ambient temperatures to be maintained within a specific range for optimal use. Vortex A/C cabinet coolers and systems are an ideal option to maintain temperatures within an enclosed space.

Vortex Enclosure cooling systems maintain temperatures inside cabinets to keep electrical components clean and dry. Enclosure temperatures are highly controlled within a specified range to reduce lost productivity. These systems can be used in many different environments, even in tight spaces. Because most models don’t require any wiring for installation, they are great in confined spaces.

Features of Vortex Enclosure
Cooling Systems

  • Lower maintenance than Freon A/C systems or fans
  • No refrigerants – lower carbon footprint than Freon systems
  • Lower cost than A/C models

  • Uses a slight pressurization to prevent contaminants in the system, even when the system isn’t running
  • Comes in a wide variety of specifications, from cooling capacity, rating, sound level, and consumption

Find the Best
Cabinet Cooling Solution

Pelmar Engineering Ltd. offers a wide range of cabinet coolers for commercial applications. We represent several manufacturers to help your business get the best product for your needs. Contact us to learn more about Vortex Enclosure cooling systems.