OMEGA Series

Product Details

  • Technology | Screen
  • Type | Automatic
  • Filtration degree | 10-500 micron
  • Flow rate | up to 9,700 gpm (2,200 m³/h)

The Omega self-cleaning filter provides superior filtration efficiency by combining a large filtration area with Amiad’s proven suction-scanning SLN cleaning technology.

The Omega filter has multiple filtration elements and suction scanners, driven by a common electrical drive-unit.
Suitable for a wide variety of fine industrial water filtration applications, heavy loads and challenging types of TSS.
Fast automatic cleaning without flow interruption and with minimal water waste.
The Omega Series includes six models with various sizes and flange connections and the filters are adaptable to special applications and specific requirements.

Product Benefits

Compact footprint | Designed to handle big jobs in small areas. Two installation orientation options.

High cleaning efficiency | Excellent cleaning ability at less than 30 seconds with minimal water waste, even in low pressure conditions

Large filtration area | Multiple filtration elements with advanced weavewire mesh enabling the filter to handle high TSS loads at high flow rates

High flow rate | Up to 2,200 m³/h (9,700 gpm)

Efficient fine filtration | Excellent filtration results even down to 10 micron

Dependable self-cleaning mechanism | Continuous flow of filtered water

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