Ice Qube is leading the industry again but this time with our BDC Series. The BDC Series is the industry’s only UL Listed variable speed DC powered closed-loop air conditioner. The BDC Series is a result of Ice Qube’s decades of experience combined with our drive to continually push our product line to new limits. Being a UL Listed product in 48VDC is a massive development of its own, but we did not stop there. We implemented our patent-pending variable speed technology into the BDC Series to increase efficiencies and decrease noise levels. Ice Qube’s variable speed technology allows us to vary the speed of the compressor and fans, making the BDC Series up to 60% more efficient than conventional single-speed 48VDC units.

We did not stop there, to reduce the size of your application, we have developed our unique Binary Mount System that incorporates our Surface Vertical Mount design and Surface Vertical Mount design into the BDC Series. Ice Qube’s unique Binary Mount System allows for the BDC to be mounted as an Inset Surface Vertical Mount, partially recessed into the application, or Surface Vertical Mount, where the mounting surface of the unit is flush to the surface of the application. This unique design utilizes removable and adjustable flanges for the Inset Surface Vertical Mount and removable threaded studs for the Surface Vertical Mount. This unique versatility in one unit makes it easy for customers to opt for the Inset Surface Vertical Mount and Surface Vertical Mount.

The BDC Series is offered in six footprints ranging from 2047-10236 Btu/h (600-3000 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity with 400W and 800W of closed-loop heating capacity.

Standard Features

  • UL Listed for NEMA Type 12, 3R, 4, 4X
  • Patent Pending
  • 48VDC
  • Variable speed compressor and fan speed operation for increased efficiency of up to 60%
  • Efficient, quiet, and long-lasting variable speed rotary compressor
  • Binary Mount System for the ease of being mounted as an Inset Vertical Mount, partially recessed into the application, or Vertical Mount, where the mounting surface of the unit is flush to the surface of the application
  • Unique filter-less design for ease of maintenance
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • 100% in-house factory tested to meet or exceed certification regulatory requirements
  • Built-in condensate management system
  • Operating temperature of -40° F/-40° C to 131° F/55° C with LA (low ambient package)
  • 3.913”-4.504” (99.4-114.4mm) of protruded mounting depth when utilized with the Inset Vertical Mount flanges
  • 6.866”-8.831” (174.4-224.3mm) of full unit thickness without electrical cover
  • 2047-10236 Btu/h (600-3000 Watts) of closed-loop cooling capacity
  • Closed-loop cooling to protect your application and increase efficiency
  • Maintains NEMA type 12, 3R, 4, or 4X integrity of your enclosure
  • Environment-friendly HFC refrigerant
  • Digital LCD fingertip touch-sensitive controller
  • Programmable temperatures and alarms
  • Space-saving ultra-thin design
  • Easy installation
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Light Gray powder-coated durable 16-gauge welded steel construction
  • Certified by independent certification agencies
  • In-house tested via Ice Qube’s testing facilities
  • Engineered for optimal engineering efficiency in enclosure cooling

Options & Accessories

  • Custom colors
  • (304ss or 316ss) 304 or 316 Stainless Steel (includes NEMA Type 4X Package)
  • (CP3) CP3 Total Corrosive Nano E-Coating
  • (IHO4) Internal heat of 400 Watts
  • (IHO8) Internal heat of 800 Watts
  • (ETH) Ethernet connectivity
  • (SNMP) SNMP connectivity
  • (LA) Low Ambient



48 VDC

Max Amps



2047 / 600

UL Listed


Internal Heat Options

400W / 800W

Max Temp °F/°C

131 / 55

Min Temp °F/°C

-40 / -40

Weight (lbs/kg)

50.7 / 23

Dimensions w/o flanges H21.65” (550mm) x W12.60” (320mm) x D6.89” (175mm)
Dimensions with flanges H23.07” (586mm) x W13.98” (355mm) x D6.89” (175mm)

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