HMF Media Filter

Highlights of the HMF3 specifications include the following:

  • 304 SS standard construction 100psi rating Carbon steel 150 psi optional
  • Flows from 17-251 GPM (per vessel)
  • Single and multiple vessel systems
  • Universal piping for source, external or both backwashing
  • Schedule 80 PVC face piping standard; Metallic face piping optional


  • Stainless Steel base for long life
  • Oversized 600 in-lb. Torque actuator
  • NEMA 4X UL listed control panel
  • Heavy duty metal pumps for longer life
  • Heavy duty brass 3-way valves linked via SS connectors

The HMF3 series media filters are designed to remove suspended solids down to 5 micron in rugged, industrial-duty applications. Using specialized permanent media, solids are removed causing an increase in pressure drop across the media surface. Once the differential pressure reaches a preset level a switch will activate the actuator and reverse the flow so that the filter automatically backwashes and cleans itself. Once the backwash cycle is complete, the valves reverse themselves and filtration continues.

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