AMIAD Steel Series

Product Details

  • Technology | Screen
  • Type | Manual
  • Filtration degree | 50-3500 micron
  • Flow rate | up to 1,320 gpm (300 m³/h)

Durable, manual high quality steel filters for a wide range of industrial filtering applications and varying filtration degrees.

Amiad’s all-purpose steel filters offer interchangeable filter elements to cover a wide range of flow rates, multiple filtration degrees, and applications.

Weavewire stainless steel screen:

Molded plastic ribs that support a stainless steel weavewire screen for filtration degrees of 80 to 500 micron

Perforated stainless steel screen:

Suitable for coarse filtration between 500 and 3500 micron.

These steel water filters are easy to install and maintain and are constructed out of carbon steel with a high quality polyester coating. Stainless steel or rubber-lined housings are also available.

Product Benefits

Various filtration elements | Ideal for a range of flow rates, filtration degrees and applications

Reliable and durable | Designed for long-term and simple operation

Large filtration area | Enables highest filtration efficiency

Semi-automatic option | Can be upgraded to semi-automatic operation by adding Brushaway or Scanaway assemblies

Minimal maintenance | Saves time and labor costs

Inlet/outlet pressure sensing ports | For quick and easy pressure gauge attachment

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