ABF Series

Product Details

  • Technology | Screen
  • Type | Automatic
  • Filtration degree | 200-3500 micron
  • Flow rate | up to 32,000 gpm (7,200 m³/h)

The ABF self-cleaning filter provides efficient coarse filtration with robust and simple construction. The filters are cleaned by Amiad’s proven brush technology.

The ABF filter offers a heavy-duty electrically driven cleaning mechanism and large filtration area.

Suitable for a wide variety of industrial water filtration applications for heavy loads and challenging types of TSS.

Fast automatic cleaning without flow interruption and with minimal water waste at minimal working pressure.

The ABF Series includes five models with various sizes and flange connections and the filters are adaptable special applications and specific requirements.

Product Benefits

Heavy Duty | For high loads in rough conditions

Continuous flow | No interruption of downstream flow during self-cleaning

Automatic & self-cleaning | Flushes based on pressure differential and/or time

High flow rate | Up to 7200 m³/h (32000 gpm)

Reliable and durable | Designed for long-term and simple operation

Low pressure | Minimal pressure required for flushing: 1 – 2 bar

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