10″ Spin Klin™ Super Galaxy

Product Details

  • Technology | Disc
  • Type | Automatic
  • Filtration degree | 10-400 micron
  • Flow rate | 8,800-220,000 gpm (2,000-50,000 m³/h)

The Spin Klin™ Super Galaxy disc filter is designed as a highly efficient solution for high flow rate industrial applications and for all types of water. Made from corrosion resistant materials with a reduced number of components and modular flexibility, the Super Galaxy requires minimal maintenance and is NSF certified.

The Super Galaxy filter is based on the Spin Klin™ disc depth filtration technology and is a modular, automatic, self-cleaning filter for high flow rate applications with 16 spines in an all polymeric body, which may be installed vertically or horizontally.

Product Benefits

Micron-precise depth filtration of solids | High dirt load capacity, ideal for removing organic matter

High flow rate | Up to 50,000 m³/h (22,000 gpm)

Modular design | Maximum installation flexibility

Minimal maintenance | Saves time and labor costs

Automatic & self-cleaning | Flushes based on pressure differential and/or time

Reliable and durable | Designed for long-term and simple operation

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