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    The Model 750-80-X Level Control Valve is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated control valve that shuts off at pre-set reservoir high level and fully opens in response to an approximately one meter (three foot) level drop, as sensed by the 3-Way altitude pilot mounted on the main valve.

    Products Features & Benefits


    • Line pressure driven – Independent operation
    • Bi-level altitude pilot
      • No float, simple installation
      • On/Off service
      • No cavitation damage
      • Suitable for low quality water
      • Reservoir inherent refreshing
    • Double chamber design
      • Moderated valve reaction
      • Protected diaphragm
    • External installation
      • Easy access to valve
      • Easy level setting
      • Less wear and tear
    • Balanced seal disk – High flow capacity
    • In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance
    • Flexible design – Easy addition of features


    Typical Applications


    Bi-Level Water Towers
    The Model 750-80-X senses the static head of the water level in the tank by means of a high sensitivity pilot. To do so accurately, the sensing tube end must be connected to a “still point” at the bottom of the tank. The drainage pipe provides this “still point,” a location not influenced by flow velocity as in filling and outflow

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