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  • The Model 750-65 Level Control Valve with Bi-Level Electric Float is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that controls reservoir filling in response to an electric float switch signal, opening at pre-set low level and shutting off at pre-set high level. The double chamber actuated Model 750-65 is powered to fully open and close even at very low pressure.

    Product Features & Benefits


    • Line pressure driven – Independent operation
    • Bi-Level electric float switch
      • On/off service
      • Low cavitation damage
      • No hydraulic sensing tubes
      • Simplified float installation and setting
      • Suited to various float switches
    • Solenoid controlled
      • Low power consumption
      • Normally Open or Normally Closed main valve
    • Double chamber
      • Full powered closing
      • Low throttling noise
      • Non-slam closing characteristic
      • Protected diaphragm
    • External installation
      • Easy access to valve and float
      • Less wear and tear
    • In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance


    Typical Applications


    Reservoirs vary in their characteristics – location, elevation, filling & emptying, flow & pressure, surface area, etc. These various characteristics require various level control valve solutions.

    The Model 750-65 is the ideal solution for level control in reservoirs – shallow and deep, low and high elevation, rooftop and basement, in water towers, and wherever electric power is available.

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