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    The Vortec Thread Guard was designed specifically for industrial sewing applications. It keeps needles cool to reduce heat-related needle breakage and thread burning. The air stream is especially effective on difficult sewing surfaces such as belt loops and waist bands; or on tough materials like denim or canvas. Cold air temperature and flow rate are preset to 10 deg F (-12 deg C) and 4 scfm (113 slpm).




    • Virtually eliminates heat-related needle breakage
    • Can save up to 11 man-hours per week per machine
    • Eliminate the potential for burning and scorching
    • Increases production speeds
    • Adapts to any machine




    • Easy and quick installation
    • Adapts to any machine
    • Cool clean air, no liquid mess
    • Flexible nozzle for positioning
    • Low pressure outlet air
    • Low flow rate minimizes air consumption
    • Supplied with pressure regulator and 5 micron auto-drain filter



    Thread Guard Needle Cooler 424
    Compressed air pressure (psig) 80 - 100
    Inlet size (NPT pipe thread, inches) 1/8
    Minimum Outlet Temperature, deg F
    (at 70 deg F inlet air)
    Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 400
    Air Consumption @ 100 psig (scfm) 8
    Outlet Air Flow Rate (scfm) 4
    Dimensions, inches  
          Overall Length  5 7/8
          Diameter 1 1/8
          Nozzle Length 5
          Flexible Nozzle Diameter 5/8
          Outlet Diameter (ID) 1/8
          Magnetic base diameter -
          Magnetic base height -
    Weight, lbs 1.2
    Supply hose  
          Diameter, inch  1/4
          Maximum recommended distance, feet 20
    Recommended filter size 8 scfm
    Recommended filter model 402-20

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