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    • Fully automatic water filters
    • Self cleaning is triggered by differential pressure or timer
    • Rotating nozzles vaccum the screen during backwash
    • Made of corrosion resistant materials
    • Stainless steel permanent screen



    • Well water sytems
    • Drinking water pre-filtration
    • Greenhouses & Nurseries
    • Irrigation systems



    • Easy to install. Compact and lightweight
    • No tools required for maintenance
    • 10 second backwash process, triggered a DP switch or an adjustable timer
    • Uses only 2 gallons (7 liters) of water for backwash

    Maximum Pressure

    80 psi

    5.5 bar

    Maximum Temperature

    140 °F

    60 °C

    Min. Backwash Pressure

    30 psi*

    2.0 bar*

    Min. Backwash Flow

    20 gpm

    4.5 m³/h

    Backwash Volume

    2 gallons

    7 liters

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