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    Arkal Semi-Automatic

    Product Details


    • Technology | Screen
    • Type | Semi-automatic
    • Filtration degree | 100-200 micron
    • Flow rate | up to 616 gpm (140 m³/h)


    Arkal semi-automatic industrial water filters are corrosion resistant and have a large filtration area and are perfect for wastewater applications.


    These filters do not require manual disassembly and cleaning, and provide continuous water supply during flushing.

    Product Benefits


    Reliable and durable | Designed for long-term and simple operation


    Large filtration area | Enables highest filtration efficiency


    Continuous flow during flush | No interruption of downstream flow during self-cleaning


    High corrosion and chemical resistance | All polymeric construction


    Minimal maintenance | Saves time and labor costs


    Sturdy construction | Excellent mechanical strength and durability

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