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    Amiad Tagline Series

    Product Details


    • Technology | Screen
    • Type | Manual
    • Filtration degree | 80-3500 micron
    • Flow rate | up to 220 gpm (50 m³/h)


    Tagline filters are high quality all plastic industrial water filters with screen or disc elements for a wide range of applications.


    The Tagline filters are made from high quality engineered plastic materials providing excellent mechanical strength, durability and ease of installation.

    Product Benefits


    Wide range of filtration degrees | From 80-3500 micron


    Reliable and durable | Designed for long-term and simple operation


    Minimal head loss | Saves energy and costs


    Versatile | Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications


    Minimal maintenance | Saves time and labor costs


    Sturdy construction | Excellent mechanical strength, durability and chemical resistance

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