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    • Technology | Microfiber
    • Type | Automatic
    • Filtration degree | 2-20 micron
    • Flow rate | up to 880 gpm (200 m³/h)


    The 3D AMF microfiber self-cleaning filter provides high efficient turbidity and solids removal. With its unique technology, it is ideal as pre-filtration for membrane systems for industrial, municipal and wastewater applications.


    AMF filters provide cartridge filter performance without cartridge filter replacement, and excellent filtration results even down to 2 micron. NSF 61-G drinking water approval is available. Approved technology for Cryptosporidium protection.

    Product Benefits


    Invasive species protection | Effective removal of invasive species


    Environmentally friendly | No chemical treatment required


    Efficient fine filtration | Excellent filtration results even down to 2 micron


    NSF 61-G approved | Ideal for potable water applications


    Low water and energy consumption | Saves resources and costs


    Automatic & self-cleaning | Flushes based on pressure differential and/or time

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